Change Log

This is a log of changes made to the library over time. For planned upcoming changes, please check the GitHub issue list and release milestones.

Version Release Notes

Release notes for the space_packet_parser library

v4.2.0 (released)

  • Parse short and long descriptions of parameters

  • Implement equality checking for SequenceContainer objects and Parameter objects

  • Include parameter short description and long description in ParsedDataItems

  • Add support for AbsoluteTimeParameterType and RelativeTimeParameterType

  • Add support for BooleanParameterType

  • Drop support for bitstring <4.0.1

  • Support BooleanExpression in a ContextCalibrator

  • Default read size is changed to a full file read on file-like objects

v4.1.1 (released)

  • Allow Python 3.12

v4.1.0 (released)

  • Bugfix in fill_buffer to allow compatibility with Bitstring 4.1.1

  • Add informative error if user tries to parse a TextIO object

  • Add documentation of some common issues and add changelog to documentation

v4.0.2 (released)

  • Documentation updates for Read The Docs

v4.0.1 (released)

  • Modify API for PacketParser.generator to accept a ConstBitStream or a BufferedReader or a socket

    • This will allow us to keep memory overhead of reading a binary stream to almost zero

  • Add examples directory to help users

  • Add CITATION.cff

  • Add

Historical Changes (lasp_packets)

Changes documented in v3.0 and earlier correspond to development efforts undertaken before this library was moved to GitHub (it was previously known as lasp_packets). None of the git history is available for these versions as the git history was truncated in preparation for the move to Github to prevent accidental release of non-public example data which may be (but probably isn’t) present in historical commits.

v3.0 (released publicly)

  • Add a discussion of optimization to the documentation

  • Change license to BSD3 and CU copyright

  • Add support for Python 3.10 and 3.11

  • Remove support for Python 3.6

  • Redesign the way the parser interprets the SequenceContainer inheritance structure

    • This allows polymorphic packet structures based on flags in telemetry

    • Previous functionality is preserved

    • csvdef module still uses the legacy flattened_containers representation

  • Add Parser.generator kwargs tdocs/source/index.rsto aid in debugging

  • Add kwarg to only parse CCSDS headers and skip the user data

  • Add optional progress bar that prints to stdout when parsing a packets file.

v2.1 (released publicly)

  • Update documentation on release process

v2.0 (released internally)

  • Add link in readme to v1.2 Aug 2021 of XTCE spec

  • Add support for < xtce:DiscreteLookupList >

  • Add support for < xtce:Condition >

  • Add support for < xtce:BooleanExpression >

  • Push the evaluation logic for ParameterTypes down to DataEncodings

  • Add option to skip an additional header on each packet

  • Modify RestrictionCriteria parser to evaluate MatchCriteria elements

  • Add word size as an optional parameter to the parser

  • Add an optional header name remapping parameter to the parser

  • Add support for BooleanExpression in a RestrictionCriteria element

v1.3 (released internally)

  • Expand version compatiblity for python >=3.6, <4

v1.2 (released internally)

  • Remove unnecessary warning about float data types being IEEE formatted.

  • Switch package manager to Poetry.

  • Add support for instantiating definitions with pathlib.Path objects.

v1.1.0 (released internally)

  • Add support for CSV-based packet definitions (contribution by Michael Chambliss).

v1.0 (released internally)

  • Add support for all parameter types.

  • Add support for all data encodings.

  • Add support for calibrators and contextual calibrators.

  • Add support for variable length strings given by termination characters or preceding length fields.

  • Add support for variable length binary data fields in utf-8, utf-16-le, and utf-16-be.

  • Add build and release documentation to readme.